Blue Moon Ice Cream – Midwest’s Finest!

… coupled with my version of an Ice Cream Cone & Whipped Cream

When I first moved to Chicago 3 years ago, I was introduced to this Smurf-Blue, Marshmallow-Sweet and “Froot Loop” tasting Midwestern Treat! As a New Yorker, I thought to myself, “who would ever eat an ice cream that tastes like the leftover milk after a bowl of Fruity Pebbles?” Little did I know this would become an all time favorite of mine. I have a scoop and I am immediately reminded of my many excursions to Wisconsin (and endless top-down drives on M-22 in Michigan). Since it’s gloomy, cold and the Packers just played (Go Pack Go!), I decided to recreate this delicious dessert to enjoy by the fireplace & next to the Christmas tree (yes, it’s MLK weekend and I still have my tree up… Don’t judge!).

FUN FACT: There is a lot of debate about where this fun dessert comes from and who makes it best. Is this better on Mackinac Island off of Main Street or does Milwaukee churn the best flavor? Although Sherman’s Dairy in Michigan was known for selling it, it was initially developed by the Chief Flavor Chemist “Doc” Sidon of the Milwaukee-based Petran Products in the 1950s. I am inclined to say “Wisco” has the best version, but who am I to decide?

Either way, it is amazing what a little lemon, raspberry & vanilla can do!

• Recipe from Serious Eats (@AlexandraPenfold, a @midtownlunchla contributor & the other half of @blondiebrownie)
• I actually dump all the flavors and vanilla pudding mix in the mixing bowl (along with the sugar), heat the milk/eggs separately then whisk together and chill

• Homemade Ice Cream Cone from SpoonForkBacon! At first, I wasn’t pleased with how these came out… But this definitely won over the crowd I had over at my place when it was served (and when I say crowd, I really mean my stuffed animal, Lary The Koala)

Whipped Cream/Crème Chantilly from Julia Child! I swap the powdered sugar with brown sugar and it’s a dream.

Have fun & enjoy!

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