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For recipes, click on the Amsterdam Recipes.
I was  tired from my 7 hour plane ride and all I could think of was my one true love… comfort food!  I leave the Schipol Airport eager to sample some Dutch cuisine.

“The Dam Square,” I shouted to the cabbie.  I asked my new best friend about food, as I typically do when I meet somone for the first time.

“How is the cuisine here?”

He answers, “cuisine?”

I respond  enthusiastically, “cuisine!  Food!  You know, kitchen?”

“Kitchen? We do not own a kitchen!”

As a major trading port, Amsterdam has imported culinary flavours from across the world – Indonesian, French and Surinamese to Turkish, Spanish and Ethiopian.  I was surprised to hear that my cabbie friend showed little interest in the Dutch “kitchen.”

Well, after my stay, I was happy to find that there is a rising trend with restaurants featuring traditional favorites.  I had an amazing experience exploring wonderful dishes.  So.  To Daan, my first cabbie friend in Amsterdam – you were wrong!

To my surprise, Dutch cuisine enjoyed a major resurgence and many restaurants in Amsterdam now feature local dishes on the menu.   A local speciality is the pancake-restaurant Pannenkoekhuiz with endless varieties of pizza-sized pancakes and omelettes (be sure to also try stroopwafels, a dutch cookie waffle, some Dutch beer, and since a Dutchman invented the cocoa press, I suggest stopping by Puccini to indulge in some bon bons!).  The Dutch are famous for their long history of cheese making.  So pick up a knife and slice through a nice hunk of Leiden, Edam or Gouda (“Khow-duh”…NOT “goo”).

If you are in the neighborhood, order the dish below and remember, the Dutch tend to eat early so be prepared to eat up prior to the 11 PM closing time (tip: walk down Rembrandtsplein in the side street of Regularaarsdwarstraat for some fabulous restaurants).

To find a modern spin on the traditional Dutch dish, view the Knolselderij Stamppot recipe.

For more recipes on this region, click on Amsterdam Recipes.

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